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Your Price Plan Changes

Thank you for being a Grey Power Electricity customer!

As of 1 April 2019, you will have new pricing and we are happy to tell you that your Energy Rate will be price protected for another year!

Please note that, as of 1 April, the Electricity Authority Levy applied to your account will increase for all users by $0.0001 per kWh and network, metering and retail data management costs may change as well.

We will continue to flow through Network Services Charges without any mark up*, and align your user plan with the low / standard user type designated by your network.

Changes to Your Plan

Depending on where your electricity supply is connected in New Zealand, your network charges may have increased, decreased or remained the same. There may also be a revision for metering charges depending on your plan.

You can see the new rates on your first bill in April or to immediately see your new plan that will come into effect from 1 April 2019, enter your Account Number below.

Price Plan Changes

Account Number field must contain 7-10 numbers

7-10 digit number found on your bill

*It is not practical to flow through the per kWh Network charges for all networks. For some networks, Network Services charges will be calculated using published prices and other assumptions that allow us to recover network charges across our customer base on your network.

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