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Schedule of Fees

Electricity and Gas 


Amount (GST exclusive)

Failure to provide 30 days’ notice to terminate Agreement – Early Termination Fee. $150.00+GST
Special or Final Read $30.00
Electricity Reconnection $75.00
Electricity Disconnection (per visit) $95.00
Electricity After Hours Reconnection* $125.00
Gas Disconnection or Reconnection As quoted
Gas After Hours Disconnection or Reconnection* As quoted
Gas Same Day Disconnection or Reconnection As quoted
LPG Urgent Delivery Fee $80 - $180.00
Debt Administration $25.00
Customer Site Visit $60.00
Metering or Inspection Call Out (per visit and includes meter change, relocation, inspection and test) Up to $140.00
New Connection or Livening $95.00
Capacity Upgrade or Downgrade $140.00
Bill Copy $5.00
Credit Refund (direct credit only. Free on closed Accounts). $15.00
Pricing Plan Change (one free change per annum). $15.00
Residential Bond (special circumstances apply) Up to $150.00
Debt Collection All Costs
No Access Fee $25.00
Administration of Arrears Up to $1.15/day


All Electricity and Gas fees are GST inclusive except for the Early Termination Fee.

The above fees may be adjusted in accordance with your Product Schedule.

*The afterhours fee applies to any reconnection that is requested after 4pm and for completion the same day, or any reconnection where the customer requests that it be done from 4pm onwards. The after hours reconnection fee also applies to Weekends and Public Holidays. Additional charges may apply for public holiday LPG deliveries. 

 A combination of charges may apply to individual tasks.


Broadband and Phone  


Amount (GST exclusive)

Monthly Unlimited Broadband Depends on plan type (see schedule below)
Modem Delivery  $14.95
Modem Fee $150.00
Blocking Fee $10.00
Unlocking Fee $10.00
Administration of Arrears $1 per day


Standard and Bundle-Up Rates 




UFB 30/10

UFB 100/20

UFB 200/20

UFB Max/500

Standard Rates (GST exclusive) $84/month $84/month $90/month $104/month $120/month
BundleUp Rates (GST exclusive) $68/month $68/month $75/month $89/month $105/month


Phone Service 

Our base product for the Phone Services is the National Landline Plan which includes phone rental. The other features can be added. 


Amount (GST exclusive)

Unlimited National Landline Calling and Line Rental (base product) $10/month

Unlimited NZ Mobile Calling and Unlimited International Landline Calling to 30 Countries 

 Other Phone Charges* See greypowerelectricity.co.nz/phone

*Other Charges will apply if you make calls outside of your chosen calling plan. For a list of countries included in the above plan, visit greypowerelectricity.co.nz/phone