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What’s the deal with bundle plans?

Looking for a cheaper broadband provider? Tired of dealing with a stack of individual household bills? 

A bundle plan could be just what the doctor ordered. 

Here at Grey Power Electricity, we’re excited to offer new BundleUp Broadband Plans, which combine your power and Internet utilities into one convenient package.

Read on to learn more about how bundle deals work and how they could benefit you as a customer. 

What is a bundle deal? 

As you probably already know, a bundle deal is an offer that incorporates multiple products into a single package. Bundle deals are all around us - for example, your local grocer might sell three avocados for the price of two, or an electronics retailer might offer you a free printer when you purchase a certain model of computer. 

Here at Grey Power Electricity, we love the convenience and value of package deals, which is exactly why we’ve introduced our own bundle plans. The Grey Power Electricity BundleUp Broadband Plans allow you to combine high-speed Internet with your electricity account to create one amazing household utility package.  

What are the benefits of bundling your power and Internet?

Are you thinking about bundling your power and Internet? You’re not the only one. As many as 86 percent of broadband consumers say they would consider bundling broadband with another utility in the future, according to figures gathered by Broadband Compare. 

It’s easy to see why. Here are just some of the advantages of bundling your home utilities:

1. Save money on your utility bills

Bundle deals are usually offered at a discounted price compared with paying for the bundled services individually, which means you can save your hard-earned money when the time comes to pay your utility bills. These savings can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per year. 

2. Convenient bill management

It’s a nightmare juggling half a dozen different bills every month. Bundling your home utilities with one provider allows you to pay for multiple services with just one bill and can do wonders for simplifying those boring home management duties. 

3. Single point of contact 

Combining services also makes sense from a logistical point of view. Should you need to contact a utility provider for support or to make an enquiry, there’s only one point of contact to deal with. 

Grey Power Electricity bundle deals

We’re delighted to offer a brand new bundle plan for all our valued customers. With the Grey Power Electricity BundleUp Broadband Plan, you can combine your electricity and broadband and save $15 per month on your Unlimited Broadband Plan! 

With the BundleUp Plan, paying for your utilities is a breeze. We’ll combine your electricity and broadband services into a single bill each month, which means you only need to make one payment. 

We have a wide range of high-speed broadband plans, so you’re sure to find one that meets the needs of your household. Not sure which plan is right for you? Check out this guide for more information.

Combine your electricity and Gas

Want to take your bundle deal to the next level? Sign up for electricity and Natural Gas or LPG accounts with Grey Power Electricity to receive our Grey Power All Energy Discount, which grants you a discount of $0.40 per day - that’s $146 per year! 

We’ll send you one energy bill with a transparent breakdown of your charges, so you can see exactly where your money is going. 

To add Gas to your account, simply fill out our online form.

How to get the best bundle deal

Bundle deals hit the sweet spot between value and convenience. The new Grey Power Electricity BundleUp Broadband Plans are a great option for anyone who wants to combine their household utilities into one easy-to-manage bill and enjoy some great discounted rates along the way. 

Ready to BundleUp your broadband? Add broadband to your account online or get in touch with our Customer Care Team on 0800 473 976 to find out more.



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