Grey Power’s vice president Mac Welch reckons he’s almost $300 a year better off these days; and that’s without much effort. Mac was among the first to sign up to a power deal that’s exclusive to the Federation’s almost 70,000 members. 

Grey Power Electricity was introduced over three years ago and Mac started noticing its benefits straight away. “My wife and I compared bills and the first month we made a $22 saving. If you add that up over 12 months, that’s a good bit of money isn’t it?” 

Best of all the benefits are guaranteed to continue. Grey Power Electricity has a Price Protection that has recently been extended until the end of March 2020 – so the cost for energy used won’t rise before that date. And there are other advantages. Rather than locking customers into a restrictive long-term contract, Grey Power Electricity only requires 30 days notice from members who want to drop out. And power bills are designed to make it simple to see exactly where the money is going. 

“The Grey Power Plan is extremely popular,” says Mac. “We set it up with two aims – to get a good deal for our members and to create some real competition in the market at a time when electricity bills were going nowhere but up, continuously and unjustifiably.” 

People on fixed incomes can’t keep up with these constant increases, points out Mac. 

“We’ve all heard the stories about elderly people who go to bed early with a hot water bottle because staying up to watch television would drive their power bill too high. And there have even been some elderly people who have gone without food.”

Over 19,000 members are now benefitting from the peace of mind and lower prices offered by the Grey Power Plan, which is the result of a partnership with Pulse Energy. 

To all the rest Mac says, ‘Don’t delay – start saving money. Older people tend to be loyal to the service provider they know and trust. But it’s well worth getting a price comparison. It’s as easy as calling 0800 GREY POWER (0800 473 976). Making the switch is simple too. That’s all organized by Grey Power Electricity with no break in supply.” 

“The plan is excellent and I can’t speak highly enough of it,” says Mac. “It’s been a great thing for the members and the Grey Power Federation.”