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About Grey Power

In 1939 Government set up a self-perpetuating pension scheme and NZ workers paid 7.5% of their income into it until Government amalgamated this into a Consolidated Fund 20 years later.

Then before the 1984 elections, politicians promised that national superannuation would “... not be run down or changed in any way”. Still the Government imposed a surcharge on Superannuation. Many were incensed by the broken pledges and the “Grey Power New Zealand Federation Inc” evolved.

Grey Power has grown into a major movement determined to fight for a fair deal for those who have worked and paid taxes to New Zealand and who, through age, have become the victims of uncaring politicians. While Grey Power’s original reason for formation was opposition to the surcharge, it is now involved in all aspects of NZ superannuation, health, energy, human rights, social services, local bodies, 50+ and law, order and justice.

Since its inception, Grey Power has achieved recognition with Media and Government alike on matters pertaining to older New Zealanders. Grey Power is a non-profit society funded primarily by membership fees. It is politically neutral.

Grey Power’s mission statement today still remains “to be the appropriate voice for all New Zealanders”.

On the 12th of September 2013 Grey Power and Pulse Energy announced the formation of Grey Power Electricity, an innovative new partnership committed to providing Grey Power members with lower electricity prices, long term price protection, better services and more transparent billing information.